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In a long-term committed relationship, most married couples will tell you that it takes work. This can often lead to misconceptions about marriage when we first start out, and since we usually love our spouses at the time we wed, we aren’t necessarily thinking about all the changes that will happen as we grow with our spouses.


Relationships can be difficult over time and often undesired behaviors surface that is reflective from ones past. The goal is to work with your partner in an environment where both individuals can be open and honest, while constructive through the guidance of your therapist. Over time, we become more patient, less selfish, more self-aware and sometimes even more content in life as we come to appreciate who we are in the relationship.


To often we hear, "They don't listen to me." "They are too controlling." "They are stubborn, immature and lack empathy." "I'm sick and tired of their belittling comments and yelling."...and the list goes on.


One of the ways I help couples that come to my office is to find the pattern of talking or relating in new ways that leave the couple feeling aligned and open to difficult conversations. We meet together so we can understand your unique pattern that is causing distress or lack of emotional intimacy.





Distanced Couple
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